Eahoosoft Nokia Video Converter

Eahoosoft Nokia Video Converter

Designed to convert all kinds of video files into Nokia-compatible videos
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This video converter was designed to convert all kinds of video files into Nokia-compatible videos. It is capable of making your video files compatible with many specific models of Nokia phones. In addition, it can save the audio stream of your video files into various codecs, so that it can be used as an audio extractor, too. It also supports batch conversion, allowing you to process several videos at once.

The program allows you to add all your source video files to create a conversion list, whose items you can then remove individually, or you can clear your whole list with just one click. It includes an embedded media player that allows you have a preview of any file on your list. However, it is very basic and, for example, it does not allow you to take snapshots of your videos, a typical feature present in this kind of converters. There is also a couple of additional functions you can do with the video files on your list - you can clip any of them (selecting start and end points to extract a section of your video) or merge two or more of them.

On the program's main window you are also allowed to choose your desired output format among a generic Nokia 3GP/MP4 profile or any of the specific Nokia models available, including N96, E71, N95, N73, 5300, and others. If you are using the program as an audio extractor, you can choose MP3, AAC, or WAV as the output format. But the program takes one step beyond, and it also allows you to configure the output audio- and video-specific parameters, such as the video encoder, the resolution, and the bit rate, as well as the audio sample rate and number of channels.

Finally, you can change the default output folder for your converted files, and start the conversion process. In conclusion, Eahoosoft Nokia Video Converter allows you to convert several video files from practically any known format into Nokia-compatible files, easily and quickly.

Ricardo Soria
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  • It can be used as an audio extractor
  • Supports video conversion for many Nokia models
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Includes additional functions, like video clipping and merging
  • Allows you to configure the audio- and video-specific parameters


  • The embedded media player is too basic
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